Thursday, October 6, 2011

Organizing Ideas!

So, my friend Erin is a Professional Organizer and she has given me so many ideas for how to organize my stuff. She has actually come into my house and helped me organize our master closet!! I can't tell you how much of a dramatic change it was, and for the good!

I want to share one of the ideas she gave me for organizing things such as jeans...which when hung can take up a LOT of space. Denim is something that can actually withstand long periods of being folded, unlike many other types of materials.

This is really called a sweater organizer. It comes in 3 "cubes" (as shown below) and also in a larger 6 "cube" size. It really just depends on where you will hang the organizer as to which length you will want, and also how much you want to put in them. I chose two 3 "cube" ones because they are hanging on the bottom rail of my closet.

Here are how my jeans are now living in my closet :)

Something else I really needed to get organized was my long necklaces. I don't have one of those large "on the floor" jewelry boxes. I only have a small one that sits on my chest of drawers. I have this small mirror that sits on my dresser that has little "knobs" on either side to allow the mirror to tilt. I had been "draping" my necklaces onto those and what a mess it was becoming!!

This is how I solved the "tangled necklace" syndrome. I found this organizer that is said to be for neck ties and/or belts. I found it to be PERFECT for hanging my long necklaces on! You just hang it on the wall :) What do you think? I might need to get another one soon!


Monday, October 3, 2011

YAY! I ♥ October!

Happy Monday! It's October, and I'm loving it. My favorite months are October, November and December...probably in that order! I LOVE Fall. It's my absolute favorite time of year. I grew up in the mountains of northern West Virginia where fall foliage is in abundance. I just love the crisp autumn air. I now, however, live in the deep south, Louisiana. There really isn't much of a fall here. It's extremely hot in the summers, and then it alternates between cooler days, and warm days until winter. Our winters here are cold and rainy. I do enjoy the few days we have that feel like "fall" but it definitely makes me home sick for the mountains, family, and good ole' times growing up!

Fall to Me- Leaves are changing, and FALLING. Cooler temperatures, cool breezes. Apples, pumpkins, winter squashes and nuts are in abundance. Vibrant colors of golden yellow, crisp green, warm mocha, pumpkin orange, rustic red and sugary plum are everywhere. Festivals and craft shows. FOOTBALL Season. Sweaters, corduroys, denim jackets, knee boots, scarves, knit hats and gloves, tall socks. Hayrides. Cinnamon spice. Oh, the list could go on! Can you add to it?

Meanwhile, enjoy Fall, wherever you may be.


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