Friday, January 29, 2010

Artisan Feature Spotlight: Splendiferous Fiber

I've decided to feature some very talented Artisans I've "met" through the very special "Handmade" community!! This will be a feature I'm adding to my Blog hopefully every two weeks! So, be sure to stop by often to see the next Artisan Feature Spotlight!

Would you like to be featured on my Blog? I'll be randomly selecting the next Artisan Feature from the comments left on this post!

First Artisan Feature Spotlight #2 of 2010 - Splendiferous Fiber

"Icy Trees Square Hand-painted Silk Scarf"

Wendy is the owner and talented artisan of Splendiferous Fiber ~ Wearable Art and Accessories. She has been creating for as long as she can remember, even earning sewing and dress-making badges in the Girl Scouts (a few years ago she says)!

Wendy creates the most beautiful hand-painted and hand-dyed scarves, and beaded mini-bags/purses, totes. She says she gets most of her inspiration from her natural surroundings, and also from her personal photography. She is also inspired by the fabrics and materials that she uses.

Mardi Gras Mask Mini-Purse

"When painting and dying, there are always elements of chance", says Wendy, "once the paint has dried or the dye has batched, you see your work for the first time and it's always like opening a surprise gift!" This, she says, is her favorite thing about what she does. She also likes seeing her projects come together as she assembles them.

When asked what her biggest challenge is as an artist, she simply says TIME; a common challenge for most artisans. Wendy says, "I finally have two consecutive days that allow me enough time to dye and rinse some rainbow scarves!" When she finds some EXTRA time, she'd like to better her skills at free-motion quilting and also get into making fused glass. However, she says she might have to have her house re-wired, and not having enough space doesn't allow for another craft right now!

Ballerina Fairies Tote or Dance Bag

Wendy's favorite item she's created is a rainbow velvet scarf. "I wear it all of the time. It's great advertising and I've gotten commission work from it", says Wend
y. When asked to give other sellers a piece of advice, she simply says, "find something unique to create."
My favorite creation from Wendy is her Silver Dew Hand-Painted Silk's my favorite color!

Silver Dew Hand-Painted Silk Scarf

Some other interesting information about Wendy: She is a fiber artist, and she has won several awards (you can find more information on her Fotki site regarding these awards). She has an art quilt that was juried into the new book, 500 Art Quilts, which w
ill be in bookstores in March! Be on the lookout for that! She has two pieces in a fiber show at Bluebonnet Swamp in Baton Rouge which can be seen through February 7th, in addition to other shows around the country (see her Blog for more information). Wendy also designs and sews costumes for the local youth ballet. Wow, no wonder she has very limited time!

Just in time for the Superbowl, and the New Orleans Saints' first appearance, the Fleur de Lis mini-purse

Something that many people don't know about Wendy is that she holds a BFA and an MA. She also studied Russian in high school when everyone else took up Spanish or French! However, she says she only remembers a few phrases now!

For more of her work, visit her online shops:
Find more information about Wendy and where she will be for upcoming events be sure to visit her websites:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saints are Super Bowl Bound!!!!!

Yeah!!! Let's GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!Amazing and tough win against the Minnesota Vikings for the NFC Championship Title, and also the NFC berth in the Super Bowl...Miami...February 7th!!! FIRST TIME IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!!!

What a nail-biter for both sides. So many mistakes, so many bad calls. It came down to the wire! New Orleans, and Louisiana as a whole really needed this.

Woo Hoo!!!!! Celebrating the Saints first NFC Championship, and first time berth in the Super Bowl!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

~~ Key West ~~

Key West is a tiny little island only 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, located at the end of the string of islands known as the Straits of Florida or more commonly known as the Florida Keys. Did you know that the Florida Keys consist of about 1,700 islands?? The Keys start at the southwest tip of Florida, about 15 miles south of Miami at Biscayne National Park, and extend to Key West, and on to uninhabited Dry Tortugas.

Early history says that the Keys were originally inhabited by Calusa and Tequesta Native Americans. The Keys were later found and charted by Juan Ponce de Leon. The word "Key" is from the Spanish word Cayo meaning small island.

For many years, Key West was once the largest town in Florida and actually grew prosperous from shipwrecks! The isolated outpost was well located for trade with Cuba, the Bahamas, and was on the main trade route from New Orleans. Improved navigation led to fewer shipwrecks, and Key West went into a decline in the late nineteenth century.

Some other notable tidbits of the Keys: Seven Mile Bridge, Cuban Revolution, Key Limes, Duval Street, Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, Overseas Railway, Conch Republic, Key Deer, Everglades National Park, Southernmost Tip Buoy, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

Creations I've made recently that remind me of the Florida Keys and Key West

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Garnet Flowers ✿ January Birthstone made Beautiful!

History of Garnets

If you break open a pomegranate and see the tiny glossy red seeds, you can understand why the word garnet comes from the Latin word "granatus" which originated when garnet grains in rock were compared to the dark red seeds of the pomegranate fruit. To the ancient world, garnet was a tiny glossy red gem, bursting with fire and brilliance. Garnets are formed in nature when high temperatures and/or pressure are factors. It can be transparent to opaque and has a specific gravity between 3.4 and 4.3. Garnets have been used as gemstones in jewelry for thousands of years.


Even though people tend to think of a garnet as a blood red gemstone, it actually occurs in every color except blue. The varieties are named for their color with names such as rhodolite (purplish red), hessonite (orange, cinnamon, or pinkish variety) and tsavorite (dark green) etc.

Location of mines

These gemstones are found in the Arizona, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Burma, Scotland, Switzerland and Tanzania. Unfortunately, many garnets mined are not of sufficient quality to be used in fine jewelry.


The garnet is the gemstone for those born in January and is also that associated with the Zodiac sign Aquarius. It is often given as a gift for the second or 6th wedding anniversary.

Folklore and Legends

In a metaphysical sense, the garnet has a long folk lore history tied to it. It is thought to have powers that affect healing, strength, and protection. It is often worn to relieve inflammations of the skin, and is believed to regulate the heart and blood flow and aid in curing depression. In earlier times, garnets were often exchanged as gifts as a show of their affection for each other. It has been said that King Solomon wore a large red garnet as well as eleven other gems (representing the 12 steps of Jacob's Ladder) in his breast plate to help him win battles. In the 13th century, they were worn to repel insects and evil spirits and in Egyptian times they were said to have been taken into the tombs with the dead as payment to the gods.

Use of Garnets in Vintage Jewelry

Because garnets have been mined for such a long time, they were used extensively in vintage jewelry during the Victorian ages through to the early 20th century. Formerly the stones were cut with a flat back cabochon style, but today they are normally faceted either step cut or mixed cut. Garnets were often cut into thin slices and inlaid, as in cloisonne inlay. When red garnets were mounted in Anglo-Saxon jewelry or Victorian jewelry, they were usually backed with gold or silver foil for added brilliance and shine.

Get my Garnet Flowers Earrings in my shop!

Monday, January 18, 2010

No Ducks for Me This Year :(

I generally keep my Blog posts focused on my Jewelry business, and occasional family matters, but I wanted to show off my pretty duck from last year...

Well, duck season in northeast Louisiana is about to end, and I still haven't "harvested" any. I've been only a few times....and haven't even fired a single shot!

Guess they're safe from me this year :) Hubby has only "harvested" a few himself. So much for that wonderful Duck & Oyster Gumbo Hubby makes each year...

Here is my fabulous FIRST DUCK which was a Pintail Drake...not bad for your first one! He's a pretty sought after duck.
He was "harvested" at Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge on November, 15th, 2008.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Artisan Feature Spotlight: Arriving Angels

I've decided to feature some very talented Artisans I've "met" through the very special "Handmade" community!! This will be a feature I'm adding to my Blog hopefully every two weeks! So, be sure to stop by often to see the next Artisan Feature Spotlight!

Would you like to be featured on my Blog? I'll be randomly selecting the next Artisan Feature from the comments left on this post!

First Artisan Feature Spotlight of 2010 - Arriving Angels

"Pink Shabby Cottage" Quilt handmade by Peggy of Arriving Angels

Peggy, owner and artisan behind Arriving Angels, has been creating since the young age of 8! She entered her first sewing project, which was a red and white apron sewn on a peddler Singer sewing machine, into the 4-H Fair! Peggy's interest in sewing was sparkled by watching her Granny create school clothes for her and her siblings in the summer.

Peggy mostly creates gorgeous Rag Quilts, but, she will create whatever comes to mind! Another very popular item she creates is Cupcake Trinket Boxes (she crochets the "cupcake" and inserts little boxes inside them) which are perfect for gift-giving. Other items she creates are embroidered towels, crochet blankets, and baby washcloths and bibs! She has also created some very gorgeous custom requests!

A "plate" of Peggy's infamous Cupcake Trinket Boxes

When asked where she gets her inspiration to create, she said she can often just look at a piece of fabric. "I will sit and look at a piece of fabric or pictures for hours, or sometimes just thoughts or designing on the computer. I will sometimes have my oldest granddaughter Ashleigh draw me a picture!"

Peggy has created a lot of gorgeous pieces, but, her favorite creation is the King Quilt she custom created for a customer last summer. She said creating th
e Quilt was a lot of hard work as she created it with a lot of "crazy blocks". But, she was very pleased with how beautiful it turned out! She said she's even done two more custom quilts for this same customer!

"King Quilt" - Custom made quilt by Peggy

Her favorite part of what she does is that she gets to stay at home and create. Often times her grandchildren are sitting in her sewing room watching her and sometimes even helping her!

Her favorite part of creating might be getting to stay at home but, her most difficult challenge as a designer is trying to balance her time between her daughters, her 9 grandchildren, and her "home chores"! Between creating, photographing her creations, listing new items in her shop, filling orders, etc., she has very little time for herself! She say
s it can get pretty busy around her house! I'd imagine...she has 9 little grandchildren!! When she finds some spare time, she'd like to learn how to paint. She jokingly says, "I mean I can paint a tree or a flower, but I mean really paint like people, animals and houses".

"Hearts of Love" quilt that was given away in a Raffle during 2009.

Peggy's advice for other Artisans and Sellers is to basically just stick with your project, no matter how bleak it looks, or if you feel like it's not coming together. "It will work if you make it work", she says. Also, she encourages everyone to make lots of friends, and have lots of fun!

"I Love My Snowmen" Quilt; custom made by Peggy!

During Peggy's down time, she says she likes nothing better than a week of hard work, followed by shutting down her computer and taking off in the camper to the lake in the Colorado Mountains! She thoroughly enjoys watching her grandchildren fish with their Grandpa, roasting marshmallows with them and telling them stories. She and her Hubby also love to just get into the car and drive with no real destination in mind. They like seeing what is around the turn, or on a road they've never driven down. And after 36 years, they've found some pretty interesting places!

In addition to her 9 grandchildren, she has two furbabies; Mollie the miniature Pomeranian, and Weezie the "pound puppy". Contrary to the character Weezie was named after (Weezer of Steel Magnolias) she's the sweetest puppy around!

Mollie and Weezie napping on one of Peggy's quilts!

You can find Peggy's work on Etsy- Arriving Angels
Follow Arriving Angels on Twitter!

This is one of my all-time favorite Cupcake Trinket Boxes!

A warm Thursday!

Well, being from northern West Virginia in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, I love the cold!!!! So, when we had this cold spell last week, and into this week, I was happy, unlike most of those that live in and are from the "Deep South" of Louisiana!!!

Today is just gorgeous...sunny and a warm 57 degrees!!! Funny how just 3 days ago, our low was 12 degrees, and the high was 30 degrees!!!

Chloe is enjoying the warm day too!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

December Craft-A-Long Contest

This month's entry theme was "Winter Wonderland"...
Here is my entry!

Entry 4
--Wintry Peace Dove Earrings by ChloeBoutique

"The dove and the olive branch, or a dove carrying an olive branch in its beak, are ancient symbols of peace. And, the occasional flashes of blue, teal and lavender remind me of a cold wintry day"

Two more days to vote!! Visit Handmade Louisiana Team Blog to cast YOUR vote!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

♥ New Listings in Time for Valentine's Day ♥

Chloe Boutique has some ~~NEW~~ pieces just in time for Valentine's Day gift-giving!!!

Also, now through Friday, January 15th, enjoy 25% off EVERYTHING in my Shop!! Mention you saw this Blog post, and get FREE First Class SHIPPING too!

♥ Here are some more gift ideas for your Valentine ♥

Friday, January 8, 2010

Goals for my Biz during 2010 ~AND~ Handmade Gift Guide ~AND~ Specially Marked Post :)

First off, Happy 2010, again!

I'm not usually into the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing. And, frankly, I'm still not. But, I have made a couple of goals for myself during 2010 regarding my Jewelry Business!

~~I have this blog~~ It's usually very much ignored :( But, for 2010, and a fresh new start, I've updated the background!

~~ My first goal is to try to post AT LEAST weekly, if not a couple of times per week.
~~Also regarding my blog, which will help me with weekly posts, I want to feature Artisans like myself! I would like to try to feature an Artisan every two weeks. Everyone needs a little more exposure!
~~I also have a way I would like to select my next Artisan for the blog feature. All you have to do to be "entered" into the drawing for the next Artisan Feature is simply comment on my Blog posts! Easy. Simple as that! This allows me an unbiased way to select Artists, as well as, hopefully bring more traffic to my blog. I'll have special posts that will request your comments for the feature. Though, I'd like you to ALWAYS comment on my blog posts if you read them!
I'll pull the names from "specially marked" blog posts for the next feature. The selected Artist will be asked a few questions, and will be featured within, hopefully, one week.

~~ My next goal is to be better organized. I need to totally re-do, and inventory what I have! I have general containers, drawers that are for particular supplies, but, it's getting to that point where it's not working anymore! Drawer for Sterling Silver findings?? Well, you have jumprings, little ball spacers, daisy spacers, chain, clasps, crimps, charms, links, blah blah blah! See?? Same goes for bronze findings, copper findings, gemstones.....and it goes on and on and on!
~~ Along with this organization goes keeping up, better, with my tax stuff. I keep everything in folders according to quarter, but, I need to start actually entering this stuff into my Excel spreadsheets as I go. Instead, I wait until tax season is upon us and I start scrambling.

Happy New Year! Let's get it started right!

Next...Chloe Boutique has been getting some much appreciated, and much needed exposure on the Net!

I'm featured on the Handmade Gift Guide Blog today! Thanks so much Anne! You did a wonderful job!! I hope I can pull more people to your Blog :)

Please check out the feature on Chloe Boutique!

Do you want to be featured on the Handmade Gift Guide? Simple. Go to the Handmade Gift Guide Blog and click on "How to be featured in the Guide" Or, just click on that link :)
You will be prompt to do a few things :)

Thanks, again!


P.S. For our first Featured Artisan....I'll be pulling from those that comment on this post!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chloe Boutique Featured on Handmade Louisiana Blog!

Chloe Boutique had the honor of being the Featured Artisan on the Handmade Louisiana Blog in late December.

Please check out my Feature!


I'm a proud member of Handmade Louisiana; a team dedicated to the recognition of all Louisiana Artisans that sell on Etsy. We span the entire state from the mouth of the mighty Mississippi to the Ark-La-Miss-Tex border. We are a team of local groups united as a whole across Louisiana. With our wonderful variety of handmade items, we are passionate about what we do and it shows through our work. Handmade Louisiana artists are ready to help each other grow our businesses and promote ourselves throughout this wonderful state and all over the Internet.
You can find us on our Blog:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drink a Quartz of Lemonade!

Gorgeous Treasury on Etsy featuring my Solitaire Lemon Quartz Necklace.
Thank you Johanna!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kicking off 2010 by Helping the Friendly Kitchen of Concord, NH

The Etsy Angels were super busy in 2009 raising almost $1500 for various charities during the year. We've decided to stick with smaller, local charities as they need our help the most. Many of these smaller charities rely solely on local support and volunteers. We want to help make a difference for those in need.

During January 2010, the Etsy Angels Team will work together to raise money for the Friendly Kitchen of Concord, New Hampshire. Purchasing items from participating Angels' Shops allow portions of proceeds to benefit this very worthy organization.

A little information about the Friendly Kitchen (taken from the organization's website, )

The Friendly Kitchen has one purpose -- to feed the hungry. We are the only soup kitchen in the Concord, New Hampshire area. Anyone who comes to our door is welcome – without question or qualification. Since the Friendly Kitchen first began in 1980, it has served over 600,000 meals and has seen a steady increase in guests from year to year.

Located in Hope House, at 14 Montgomery Street in Concord, the Friendly Kitchen serves an evening meal every day and breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Friendly Kitchen is run almost entirely by volunteers and it relies on donations from individuals and businesses to pay its expenses. Most of the food is donated by individuals, food drives, area businesses, the NH Food Bank, the Capital Regional Food Program, the Community Action Program, and from the volunteer serving groups.

Friendly Kitchen of Concord, NH is the chosen charity submitted by Tigerlily Studio

Please visit our current Promotional Forum Thread for details, info on how YOU can help, and to see the participating Angels' Shops on Etsy!

Amanda & Mona

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! It's 2010!!

An end to a decade, and a new one begins...

Chloe Boutique had a pretty successful year in 2009.

I had the honor of designing jewelry for two of which is a close friend's daughter. Not only did I make the Bride's jewelry, but also her Bridesmaids earrings, the Bride's Mother's necklace, and the Brides Mother-in-Law's necklace and earrings! The wedding was gorgeous, and took place in Gulf Shores, Alabama last August.

Chloe Boutique has been on Etsy for just over two years, and had 451 sales at the end of 2009.
ArtFire is still in it's Beta stage, but Chloe Boutique finished the year with 11 sales. We're hoping that ArtFire really takes off, and that we have more sales there! ArtFire promises to be a great selling venue for handmade items!

Chloe Boutique has extended its line to include a Louisiana-Fleur de Lis section. Wow! This line has been HOT! I've sold over 30 Fleur de Lis inspired necklaces and earrings!!!

Chloe Boutique displayed jewelry in the Teacher's Lounge at Woodlawn Elementary School in September. The teachers loved the jewelry!!! As a "thank you", I donated $75 from my proceeds to the school.

In early December, Chloe Boutique was at the First Annual Downtown Christmas Market in Monroe. We had a great turn out despite the cold weather, and numerous events going on that same day!

We were featured in several blogs, Etsy Treasuries and even a local publication in 2009. Some of the blogs include Handmade Louisiana, Stitches n Cotton, Crafts By Chris, and Beaded Tail. I was featured in Panache Magazine, a local magazine in Monroe, LA in December!

And, last but certainly not least, Chloe Boutique was being sold in a local shop, The Gingerbread House in West Monroe, LA!!! They've requested to carry some of my Fleur de Lis pieces during 2010!!! I hope that it really takes off for me :)

Happy New Year, and may you all be blessed with love and joy!!



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