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Artisan Feature Spotlight: Arriving Angels

I've decided to feature some very talented Artisans I've "met" through the very special "Handmade" community!! This will be a feature I'm adding to my Blog hopefully every two weeks! So, be sure to stop by often to see the next Artisan Feature Spotlight!

Would you like to be featured on my Blog? I'll be randomly selecting the next Artisan Feature from the comments left on this post!

First Artisan Feature Spotlight of 2010 - Arriving Angels

"Pink Shabby Cottage" Quilt handmade by Peggy of Arriving Angels

Peggy, owner and artisan behind Arriving Angels, has been creating since the young age of 8! She entered her first sewing project, which was a red and white apron sewn on a peddler Singer sewing machine, into the 4-H Fair! Peggy's interest in sewing was sparkled by watching her Granny create school clothes for her and her siblings in the summer.

Peggy mostly creates gorgeous Rag Quilts, but, she will create whatever comes to mind! Another very popular item she creates is Cupcake Trinket Boxes (she crochets the "cupcake" and inserts little boxes inside them) which are perfect for gift-giving. Other items she creates are embroidered towels, crochet blankets, and baby washcloths and bibs! She has also created some very gorgeous custom requests!

A "plate" of Peggy's infamous Cupcake Trinket Boxes

When asked where she gets her inspiration to create, she said she can often just look at a piece of fabric. "I will sit and look at a piece of fabric or pictures for hours, or sometimes just thoughts or designing on the computer. I will sometimes have my oldest granddaughter Ashleigh draw me a picture!"

Peggy has created a lot of gorgeous pieces, but, her favorite creation is the King Quilt she custom created for a customer last summer. She said creating th
e Quilt was a lot of hard work as she created it with a lot of "crazy blocks". But, she was very pleased with how beautiful it turned out! She said she's even done two more custom quilts for this same customer!

"King Quilt" - Custom made quilt by Peggy

Her favorite part of what she does is that she gets to stay at home and create. Often times her grandchildren are sitting in her sewing room watching her and sometimes even helping her!

Her favorite part of creating might be getting to stay at home but, her most difficult challenge as a designer is trying to balance her time between her daughters, her 9 grandchildren, and her "home chores"! Between creating, photographing her creations, listing new items in her shop, filling orders, etc., she has very little time for herself! She say
s it can get pretty busy around her house! I'd imagine...she has 9 little grandchildren!! When she finds some spare time, she'd like to learn how to paint. She jokingly says, "I mean I can paint a tree or a flower, but I mean really paint like people, animals and houses".

"Hearts of Love" quilt that was given away in a Raffle during 2009.

Peggy's advice for other Artisans and Sellers is to basically just stick with your project, no matter how bleak it looks, or if you feel like it's not coming together. "It will work if you make it work", she says. Also, she encourages everyone to make lots of friends, and have lots of fun!

"I Love My Snowmen" Quilt; custom made by Peggy!

During Peggy's down time, she says she likes nothing better than a week of hard work, followed by shutting down her computer and taking off in the camper to the lake in the Colorado Mountains! She thoroughly enjoys watching her grandchildren fish with their Grandpa, roasting marshmallows with them and telling them stories. She and her Hubby also love to just get into the car and drive with no real destination in mind. They like seeing what is around the turn, or on a road they've never driven down. And after 36 years, they've found some pretty interesting places!

In addition to her 9 grandchildren, she has two furbabies; Mollie the miniature Pomeranian, and Weezie the "pound puppy". Contrary to the character Weezie was named after (Weezer of Steel Magnolias) she's the sweetest puppy around!

Mollie and Weezie napping on one of Peggy's quilts!

You can find Peggy's work on Etsy- Arriving Angels
Follow Arriving Angels on Twitter!

This is one of my all-time favorite Cupcake Trinket Boxes!


CBLandCO. Jewelry And Gifts said...

Fabulous post Amanda on such a talented lady. I own one of Peggy's snowman quilts and I absolutely love it! She has amazing talent and is such a sweetie :) Thanks for sharing some info about you and your family Peggy.

Chris said...

Fabulous post! I really enjoyed reading more about Peggy and family. Gorgeous quilts and such cute furbabies!

ArrivingAngels said...

Thank you so much for the feature! It was so fun doing this and with your awesome talent of putting it all together, it looks fabulous!
Hugs to my Angel friend!

M.M.E. said...

Such talent! Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful blog here and I'm so happy I found it.

BeadedTail said...

Fabulous feature Amanda! It was so fun getting to know Peggy better and I enjoyed this very much!

Tigerlily Studio said...

Amanda, what a great post! I loved getting to know more about a fellow Angel :0) I just adore Peggy's little cupcake trinket boxes!

wlstarn said...

cute cupcakes! I bet Peggy has several washloads of little threads from all those rag quilts

Anonymous said...

Wowza...great blog amanda! It's real nice to get to know a little more about Peggy and she does such beautiful work!

Sissy Soap

Merry said...

Nice feature. I love the cupcakes!

Janie and Nathan said...

Great feature! Well written. This is a great idea for your blog - I may start doing this on mine too! I enjoyed getting to know you at the Downtown Christmas Market!

CTStudios said...

You've written a wonderful feature of talented artisan 'Arriving Angels'. Thanks so much for sharing her work with us.

etco said...

Very talented artist! I love the Cupcake Trinket Boxes. Thanks for sharing!

SEwinggranny Mona said...

What a great feature on a wonderful talented artist!! Peggy's rag quilts are adorable!!

Her trinket boxes are adorable... she sent me one as a gift and I treasure it!!


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