Friday, January 4, 2008

Dawn Habisreitinger; Fellow Etsian, Fellow Friend

Many Etsians, including myself, have been taking part in a great effort to raise money for two sweet boys who lost their Mother just days before Christmas in a horrible motorcycle accident. Dawn made jewelry and lampwork beads. She had a store both on Ebay and Etsy.

She was just getting her life back to normal after having to rebuild her home. Dawn and her boys had to leave southern Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the shores of New Orleans and Slidell in August 2005.

We're still working very hard to raise money for these little boys. Dawn would have turned 31 on January 13.


Here is a list of forums we Etsians kept up for this great cause:

2: Purchase any item(s) from Shops that have donated items up for sale on Etsy. Items donated can be viewed by clicking the following link:

3: "Cash" donations can be made by going to the Dawns Boys Fund Paypal address:

Thank you all for viewing this very important posting.

Special thanks go to: Bluesaphire (curator or the Forum), CraftsbyChris, Jenszen, Merkabajewelry, MountainEagleCrafter, Cynmb, SoapyHo, SewingGranny, and everyone of the other Angels that have contributed to this effort.


JensZen said...

We had some long nights pushing for Dawn's boys and so much support, I really enjoyed your company there (and for keeping me awake). We're coming up with plans for January 13th, it would have been Dawn's 31st birthday.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post about Dawn's boys! It's been a pleasure "meeting" such fine people like you in Bluesaphire's AKA duracell bunny thread - sadly, it's a tragic situation that brought us together.

PS Chloe is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Erm .. anonymous is me cyn AKA Xabi Alonso Fan Club :)

Beadbug's Boutique said...

Excellent post! Dawn's boys are such a great cause!

MEC said...

Aw! Thanks for the mention!

*MountainEagleCrafter smiles at wildlifer78*

I'm grateful for the new Etsy friends I've made through the forum effort, and pleased to see how we've rallied round for someone most of us never knew.

Bunny said...

Ahhhh wild,wild,wild,wild,i have not known you long,*sigh* but i think i love you :O) ,im aso thinking (which hurts a little) the poem you posted to me, says a lot about how i feel as a whole, in respect of us all coming together and a gel formed,of unity love dedication and devotion to this cause,we laughed,we slept little,we cried,we cheered,we experienced many emotions thoughout,yes we gave,as others gave,but we also recieved,we all came together and we made friends :O) Love you and your work,and the fact we all regained faith and good friends and company :O) Bless you always your m8 Blue xxxxx

msbelle said...

It's very confusing and frustrating, the things that God gives his children to handle. These two boys are going to be fine with the outpouring of love and compassion that people like you and many others have shown. It takes a community to raise a child, and in this case, two. I will donate what I can to help the cause. I would want it if it were my son who was left alone in such a tragic way.

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of the family and I know that the childeren are no longer with their grandfather and they are with their farther. Children are doing as excpected, they are getting lots of love and couseling at this time. Want to make sure they get the things that are donated to them, could you please call me at 504-319-3988. thank you for all your help and concern!

Amanda said...

To the anonymous comment posted on January 24, 2008. Beadladydesigns on Etsy is the person taking care of the Boys Fund. I have no knowledge of any of it outside our donation effort. You can email her at Thank you for your comment, and interest.

Christina said...

could you please pass this information on:


On behalf of Michael Habisreitinger (biological father) of Stephen and Cory we just wanted to let everyone know the boys are doing well and are adjusting to living with their dad. However at the same time they are receiving counseling to help deal with the loss of their mother and god willing we will be able to get them through this healing process with as much ease as possible. I would like to deeply thank everyone for caring and help offered to Stephen and Cory. Please rest assured all donations will be held strictly for the boys needs. For further information or donations for Stephen and Cory Habisreitinger please feel free to contact their attorney at the following:

Bryan D. Haggerty
4537 Yale St.
Metairie, LA 70001
504-455-1112 Office
504-885-5959 Fax

Anonymous said...

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