Monday, January 14, 2008

Ms Belle - Artisan Crafted Fine Jewelry

Ginger, owner and jewelry artisan of Ms Belle- Artisan Crafted Jewelry is an amazing artist with the most fabulous talent. She uses only the finest quality gemstones and she strives for perfection. She will be the first to admit that she will "tear apart a piece of jewelry and start over" if she is not satisfied with the outcome. I came to know her from purchases, including a custom pair of the most radiant silver wire handwrapped labradorite briolette earrings. We chat on occasion on Etsy as we both have shops there. She would love to do something creative for you as she does custom requests. You can visit her at her Etsy store, and view more of her lovely baubles!

Below are examples of Ginger's works of art.

1 comment:

msbelle said...

How very sweet you are! I really appreciate your kind words, I'm so flattered.

And I'm still so glad you like your earrings! That makes me very happy! :P

I'm up for a chat any time!



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