Monday, February 11, 2008

Not Your Everyday Pair of Socks!

I bet you think of socks as they are intended to be used; on your child's feet! Well, someone in the United Kingdom found another use for children's socks. You're never going to believe that these adorable animals are made from the same socks your child wears on their tootsies!!

Sock Monkey Island, a lovely shop on Etsy, showcases the cutest stuffed Monkeys made guessed it, children's socks!

BlueSaphire, a self-proclaimed sock monkey addict, began making Monkeys out of socks about 5 years ago when she found an old-fashioned pattern online. Traditionally, the sock monkey is "red heeled". She makes her sock monkeys her very own by her unique designs.
Some Monkeys are babies. Some are toddlers. Some are boys. Some are girls. Some wear hats. Some wear clothes. Some are striped. One thing for sure is that they're all unique and "made straight from the heart"!

Here are a few examples of the cute Sock Monkeys she has made. More monkeys can be seen at her Etsy Shop;

Be sure to check out her lovely shop!!


Jen said...

Great feature on Blue. I just love her shop. I hope to have one of her monkeys soon!

Awesome, Wild! Congrats, Blue!

C said...

Great Blog, Amanda, and great feature of Blue's shop. Love the quote at the top :)


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