Sunday, October 12, 2008

LArtisans - Louisiana Artisans on Etsy come together!


Well, as if I didn't have enough on my plate already...I joined another Etsy Team; LArtisans. I felt this one appropriate to be a part of since it's all about the Louisiana Artists. I'm a jewelry artisan, and I live in Louisiana!

Jessica of Accent Envy is the artist to give initial credit to for starting this fabulous team. She sent out messages to Louisiana based Etsy artists to see about creating a team for Louisiana Etsy Artists. LArtisans was born. A lot of Louisianians are to thank for the early success of the team, including, but not limited to: LisaRaspino, VivaLaViolette, GraciousCreations, Tu2Cute, and CheeseandChocolate (also known as WorkingtheStash).

As of October 12, we have about 140 members! WOW!!!


I have been appointed the Monroe Area Liaison. So, I get to coordinate local meetings and anything else that needs to happen in the Monroe area. On October 12, we held our first local meeting. Because we have members from Sterlington, Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston and Columbia, we tried to meet as centralized as possible. The Corner Coffee Cafe housed our first meeting! We plan on moving the meeting spot around to help accommodate members.

Those that attended the first meeting: Val of BabySewSweet, Marina of BayouPrincess, Monica of MonicaCrowe, Andy of ItAllComesinPhases, Lori of LYoungStudio, and me, Amanda of ChloeBoutique. Not bad...5 out of 9 Monroe Area members.

From left to right: Lori of LYoungStudio, Amanda of ChloeBoutique (Wildlifer78), Andy of ItComesInPhases, Monica of MonicaCrowe, Val of BabySewSweet, and Marina of BayouPrincess.

Our first meeting was a Meet & Greet style. We also brought along some items that are either our best sellers, or those that best represent our art. This was a lot of fun! I found a few things that will be must have buys :)

Our next Meeting will be sometime mid November, location and time TBA.

Below you will see a quick feature on each LArtisan that attended the meeting. Individual features will come later!


Val of BabySewSweet: Creates adorable children's clothing

Marina of BayouPrincess: Creates pretty children's clothes, knit hats and more!

Monica of MonicaCrowe : Jewelry Artisan

Lori of LYoungStudio: Watercolor artwork and fine handwriting!

Andy of ItComesinPhases: Jewelry Artisan

And me, Amanda of ChloeBoutique: Jewelry Artisan


Violet said...

What a great post! I bet you gals had a good time, and I am glad to see some of our members doing meet and greets. We have such a talented group =D

AccentEnvy said...

Great post, Amanda! That's a great turnout for your first meetup. I hope you all had a good time.

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! It would be so nice to meet some Etsians in person!

Monica Crowe said...

Hey, I'm so psyched to see your blog post. The meeting was so much fun. See you in the near future.

Lisa R said...

Great post! I love hearing about the meetup and putting faces with names!

BeadNestDesigns said...

How are you doing Amanda???!!

TAG, you're it!

I hope you'll play along, I had a blast putting my stuff together. Come to my blog to find out more!
~Robin :)


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