Friday, July 23, 2010

"Cocktails & Canvas"

What a fun night! I've never been to a "Cocktails & Canvas" event and have been wanting to go to one so when my friend Erin asked me to go I said YES!

It is what it paint while drinking :)

I think we did pretty good for our FIRST painting (neither of us are painters and this was our first attempt). What do you think??

1) Erin and her palate of paint
2) Painting bright pink and lime green polka dots
3) Proud of her finished art!

1) With my palate of paint and empty canvas
2) My finished work of art!

The next "Cocktails & Canvas" event will be August 19th at 6:30! Let me know if you are interested in coming, you have to sign up and it's limited seating!


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panachebyerin said...

Woohoo!! Love this post! Great job on keeping your blog going!! I can't wait to read more!!


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