Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting You Through Hump Day!

Well, since it's been ridiculously hot in the south the last couple of months, I thought it most appropriate to showcase a "Fiery" necklace in salute to the Sun's blazing heat :)

Fiery Affair Necklace is full of reds and oranges...Carnelian, red Jasper, orange Freshwater Pearls, Copper beads, orange Coral, red Coral, Fire Crab Agate

Fiery Affair Necklace is available in either of my online jewelry shops: Chloe Boutique on Etsy and Chloe Boutique on ArtFire

1 comment:

panachebyerin said...

Definitely appropriate for this heat!! I am SO glad I work inside. Poor Andy does not.


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