Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds and Favorites!!!

Time to show off my new finds and favorites :)

I'm not one to collect all of these different scents of perfume...I tend to find a perfume/spray that I like and I use it for years...yes, YEARS! Remembering back through the perfumes, I remember using Sunflowers and Jovan White Musk as a "Middle School and Junior High" age. I then moved to Calvin Klein CK One and Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue in High School and into College. Clinique Happy sparked my interest next and I wore it all the way through College and Graduate School. When Bath & Body Works' Japanese Cherry Blossom came out, I was in love! It was light and airy with soothing floral notes. I used both the body splash and the perfume for about 5 years...up until this past spring when I discovered Calvin Klein's new version of Eternity; Eternity Summer. I'm totally loving it!! It's definitely a summery scent so I'll only wear it till fall....then back to Japanese Cherry Blossom!
Ok, so this is certainly not a new find, but definitely a favorite find I want to share!! My friend Lisa used to make these scrumptious doggie treats that my Chloe LOVES!! Lisa shared her family recipe with me so that I could make them for an event in a couple of weeks. I'll be helping to raise money for a local charitable organization. This organization, Ouachita River Valley Animal League (ORVAL) helps new pet owners with expenses for spaying/neutering and other medical expenses in which the new pet owners might not be able to cover. This organization helps keep the new pets in their new home rather than being brought back to the shelter.

Photo property of Lisa Houweryzl

What are your favorites? Have a great weekend!


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Erin Love said...

Those puppy treats are definitely Prada's fave! And I, too, love Japanese Cherry Blossom!! Although I've just gotten Fergie's new scent and I am really liking it!!


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