Monday, September 27, 2010


So, I found, and decided to borrow, these "Simplifying Tips" from my friend Amy, of Mamas Little Monkeys!

Happy Monday!! Let's get this week started right :)

*Purge 2 Things for every 1 thing you bring in!

*Drink your morning juice out of a pretty wine glass--Enjoy the Morning!

*Before you buy something new, go shopping in your own home! Sometimes you never know what you have hidden away!

*When folding sheets, fold them inside the pillowcases before you put them away. Then it's all together!"

*Turn all your clothing hangers the "wrong way". When you wear something and put it back, turn it the right way. After a year, donate/sell everything still facing the "wrong way."

*Use a Laundry Sorter for your family, but not for colors--for PEOPLE! Then when you do laundry you know an entire load belongs to one person!


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