Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Been WAY too Long...Bare with Me!

Yes, Yes, Yes...I know...I've not had a blog post since like February 1, 2011! WHAT is wrong with me!!! Where have I been!

I think I burned out b/c my blog was entitled "Chloe Boutique- Handmade artisan jewelry from the Bayou" and that limited my blog posts to things revolving around jewelry, online selling Venues, other artists, etc. So, I've decided to change my blog title to encompass everything important in my life... This includes, but NOT LIMITED TO, my handmade artisan jewelry, other artisans, my running life and inspirations/goals, travel tips/advice/experiences, friends, FOOD including my favorites and recipes, etc. first post will be just a lackadaisical one...about THIS & THAT!

♥ I've been back into running and exercising, hardcore. I started my new "regime" on January 2. I tend to get burned out by doing the same thing OVER AND OVER or just allowing my brain to talk my body out of it. I have found it's MUCH easier (and rewarding) to do my workouts during lunch. This has just become part of my normal work day...and I stick to it b/c it's during my lunch...and I'm not cutting into "ME" time after work which is used for cooking dinner, doing a few house chores, and spending time with Hubby and Chloe.

Though I wish it were a touch more (ok, a lot more), I've logged 223 miles since January 2. My workouts during lunch are limited because of time. I can only run about 3-3.25 miles during lunch. So, I typically run 2 days a week, and then do some other type of cardio for a short time (elliptical, stair stepper) and also incorporate some weight lifting the other 2 days (I work 4 10-hour days). During the "cooler" months (this is funny being that I live in Louisiana and "cooler" often refers to temps below 90 degrees) I can get in some good LONG runs outside on weekends. I just can't (I am NOT trying to be pessimistic...just realistic) run outside during the summer here! However, during the summer, I'm still confined to the dreaded treadmill. My "long" weekend runs are usually only 4-5 miles during the summer...on the treadmill.

♥ current goal? I'll be running my FIRST Half Marathon on Saturday, December 3 -- ST. JUDE! Yes, this seems pretty far off, but with it already being halfway through July, December will be here in a blink. Though I'm not officially training for the 1/2 right now, I'm in great shape b/c I continue to run 6-12 miles a week (that doesn't sound so good now that I "see" it written). I'll begin my real training as soon as it "cools", or at least by mid September...whichever happens first! LOL!!!

How rewarding, though, will it be to know you ran FOR THE CHILDREN of St. Jude? I'm stoked :)
I'm currently fundraising through for our local Team who will go as a group and run...Team Jake. Please visit my personal page for more information about Team Jake, and to make a donation to St. Jude on my behalf ;) It's greatly appreciated!

Ok, that's enough for now. I'll be back!!



Leslie R. said...

Great update!

BeadedTail said...

I love your new blog look! Great job on all the running you do! You run more a week than I even drive per week. Thanks for making me feel lazy. (Just kidding!) I've started back up on the elliptical and I will never, ever, EVER see a day where I find exercise fun but it's what needs to be done I guess. Best of luck on your training for the 1/2 marathon! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back!


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