Monday, August 8, 2011

♥ LOVE ♥ Running Skirts!

No longer are girls restricted to plain ole gym shorts and a tee shirt! You can still be a dressed up "Diva" while exercising!! I discovered these awesome Running Skirts (yes, I said SKIRT) from my friend Melissa while running a race last fall. She swore by them, and suggested I try them.

Boy am I glad I did! They're so comfortable to run in. Although running shorts have really changed over the last few years, they still tend to 'ride up' and bunch up between the legs. Running skirts don't do that! They stay in place, and there is nothing to bunch up! You generally have the option of attached briefs, compression shorts, capri tights, or even full length tights for colder running environments/months.

I pprefer the skirt with attached briefs. Wearing these are effortless!! And, not to mention, these running skirts are super cute as there are many colors/designs to choose from.

There are many companies making these running skirts, including Adidas, Nike, Under Armor, etc. I personally love Running Skirts brand. This company is based out of California, and they really up the competition with their super cute designs.

I thought it was fun that the latest issue of Runner's World (August 2011) featured a Running Skirt on the cover...and what was more fun? I actually have the EXACT running skirt :) Oh, and even more fun than that?? It's the 1/2 Marathon issue...full of training tips and advice and workouts. I'm running my very first 1/2 this year :)

Try a Running Skirt and let me know what you think!



Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Those are so wonder if I could convince myself I need to run to have one.

Leslie R. said...

I hate how running shorts migrate during exercise! Nikes are awful for that..I stick to Adidas soccer shorts with the longer legs- they are perfect and stay put!


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