Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Officially Summer...Time for a Contest!

Summery. Fiery. Vibrant.

I have so many fun and vibrant colored flowers around my yard. And I love photographing them. I generally have a hard time getting things to successfully grow and flower as we have very poor soil. Not to mention, the sun here in Louisiana is brutal. The "more often than not" poor conditions don't stop me from trying though. I plant something new every year in hopes that I'll find something that will succeed!


Let's kick summer off right with a contest. I took the below picture today.

What Am I?

*I am a small to medium-sized fruit-bearing tree.
*I am native to the eastern U.S, most commonly found in the South Atlantic and Gulf Region.
*My fruit ripens in late summer to early fall.
*Sometimes my nickname is Possomwood.

Do you know what I am?

The first person to answer correctly wins a $10 gift certificate to my shop!!!! Come on, you know you want to play!


Merka said...

I really have no idea. A crab apple?

Touched said...

I think it's persimmon!!!

Amanda said...

Joleen, you are right! LOL!!!


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