Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summertime in Louisiana...Time for a Cool Down

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post. I haven't posted anything on my blog in a while and I found this picture...made me think I needed to write something!

*note: this picture is NOT Chloe...I found it online!


Ok, so it's mid June and we're already experiencing ridiculous heat and humidity. Our summers essentially go from early to middle May through middle to end of November. Our winters are extremely mild; I won't complain about winter.

What I truly miss most about home... I miss the true seasons I experienced when living in the northeast, Appalachian Mountain range. I mostly miss autumn. Everything about autumn makes me smile. I love the fabulous palate of colors ranging from burnt orange and brick red to brilliant yellow and eggplant purple that the Maple leaves change to. I miss all of the fun fall festivals. I miss walking in the woods. I miss the cool breezes.

Now snow? Sure, I miss SEEING snow draped over the limbs of trees, and covering the lawns. I miss PLAYING in snow. I miss making snowmen and snow angels. I do not, however, miss driving in the snow. I don't miss the below freezing temperatures either. I don't miss having to warm up my car 30 minutes prior to leaving in the mornings. I don't miss kicking the icicles off the bottom of my car door.

Ok. Again, not sure the origination of this post. I found that picture of the pug in the snow and it made me smile, but it also made me miss home. I haven't been home since June 2007. I'd say it's a trip long over due. I am excited that we'll be traveling to Baltimore at the end of August to witness our God Daughter's Baptism in Annapolis. Since I'm from Fairmont, West Virginia, Baltimore is only a 3 hour drive to get home. I can't wait to see my family!


In closing I'd like to invite you all over to my jewelry shop on Etsy. I'm having a "Pre-Summer" sale. Tomorrow is the last day of the sale since Saturday begins official summer.

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CBL&CO. Jewelry & Gifts said...

OMG Amanda! That is one adorable photo! What a classy pug she is :)

I would really miss the changing seasons as well. I don't like the cold, snowy weather to go out in but it sure is a visual treat, especially at Christmas

silkcreekgallery said...

I loooovvveee that pic of chloe!!! It made me smile too!!!!


Merka said...

That photo is hilarious. Is that really Chloe?

You need to visit home...the weather in the mountains is fall-like right now!

Anonymous said...

Hah!! What a darling picture!! So glad I found your blog. ;) ~ Sharon


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