Saturday, August 21, 2010

Featured on the Etsy Storque Blog!

I LOVE Colorado, and very much welcomed the cooler temperatures and low humidity!

While relaxing and enjoying some much cooler temperatures, and more importantly, sharing in the joyous occasion of our cousin getting married, in the Colorado Mountains, I was featured in a prestigious article on Etsy!
After a long dry spell of having no sales since July 22, I all of a sudden found 8 sales in a single day!

Actually, the story of this is quite entertaining (to me anyway).

The Grand Lake Lodge is a historical site in Grand Lake (located in the southwest corner of the Rocky Mountain National Park), CO. It was also the spot for my bridal luncheon back in August 2004 just before my Hubby and I got married. Having been closed and on the market for sale by the James family for a couple of years, the Lodge has finally reopened, partially. It hasn't sold yet, but so many people expressed their sadness for it being closed that the James family thought it best to open it back up! The Lodge will be fully opened next summer.
View of the town of Grand Lake from Grand Lake Lodge

Anyway, the Lodge has a very nice jewelry counter...full of amazing Native American made jewelry featuring turquoise, coral and silver. I had gone up to the Lodge just to look around since it had reopened (and to look for our most beloved coffee we've ever found...Front Porch Blend, made especially for Grand Lake Lodge) and I found this bracelet I just HAD to have. I don't buy a lot of jewelry since I am a jewelry artisan myself! But, I can't do this kind of work, I'll admit :)
It was a pricey piece. I walked away, thinking I would tell Hubby about the bracelet and hint around for a birthday present (so what that it would be almost 5 months early!) That afternoon while trying to take a cat nap, I couldn't stop thinking about this bracelet!! I finally gave up and decided to check my email. And, then right there, I see I have had 5 sales!!! And, like 15 minutes later, I see I had 3 more sales!! WOW!!! What is going on!!! I realize (or decide this is my best excuse) that the bracelet is meant for me to have!!!! LOL!

My Bracelet!!

One of my friends whom I found on Etsy did some research for me when she saw all of the recent activity in my Etsy shop. I knew it had to be some kind of feature or something! There was no way I had 8 random sales in one day! I've NEVER had more than 3 sales in a single day!!! She finally found that I had been featured in an article on the Etsy Storque entitled: Etsy Finds- Last Chance for Summer Whites Please check out this article and leave a comment!!! Better yet, visit my SHOP to see some great accessories for Summer and Fall!

YAY!!! I even sold the featured earrings: Pink and White Coral Lampwork Glass Earrings

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MountainEagleCrafter said...

Congratulations on the record-setting sales!

Nice images from your trip :)

DustyOak Ornaments said...

Congrats, Amanda! I love the earrings... no wonder the went so fast! They're beautiful!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Amanda, your earrings are gorgeous and congrats on the great feature! Nice that you enjoyed your vacation and came home to some very nice sales.

Embellished Bayou said...

Congrats on the feature and the sales, Amanda, you deserve it!

panachebyerin said...



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