Sunday, August 22, 2010

Networking & Mastermind Meeting, #2

Our second "Women Entrepreneurs" meeting was held Wednesday night, August 18th, at Bayou Bistro. We had 4 new women join us; Cindy, Elizabeth, Patty and Terri!

A little introduction for our new ladies!

~~Cindy is an Independent Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay. She was previously a respiratory therapist and decided she wanted out of the "corporate" world and wanted her own business. I would be safe to say that she's been very successful on her own as she's in her 17th year with Mary Kay!
Cindy has earned 6 cars with Mary Kay, but the Pink Cadillac still eludes her, and continues to be one of her biggest goals with the company. Her other goal is to obtain National Sales Director status!
Want to learn more about Mary Kay and how it can work for you? Contact Cindy today:
~~Elisabeth is a Certified Health Coach for Take Shape for Life. She works with people who have weight problems. By helping people shed unwanted pounds, she also helps with with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other health issues than can be associated with weight problems. She herself has taken part in the program, and has lost over 100 pounds. This program really works and is not one of those "roller-coaster" diets where you lose and gain, lose and gain! Elisabeth has been with the program for over 3 years and is working toward becoming a National Executive Director.
Find out more about this program, and to see the schedule for free informational sessions near you, contact Elizabeth:
~~Patty and Terri are a Professional Photographer Duo team for Patty Stewart Photography.
Since she was a little girl, Patty had an interest in photography. Her first camera was given to her by her mom when she was in 4th grade. She took endless pictures and just couldn't wait for her mom to develop them so she could show them off to her friends and classmates!
Terri is a Cosmetologist and was approached by Patty several years ago when Patty was looking for these services! Terri joined Patty over 17 years ago and they became a perfect duo for Patty's photography business. Patty Stewart Photography is nationally known! They've even been invited to the White House for photo ops! They love doing weddings, and taking photos for families, children, pets, and even doing aerial photos! And in addition to taking the photos, they also do graphic designing, and will create lasting memories with your photos of your special event!
Contact them today to schedule your special event! www. - Imaginations at Work!
Image copyright Patty Stewart Photography

Last month during our inaugural meeting, we set some goals to accomplish by the next meeting. For the most part, we've either accomplished these goals, or are on the way to having them accomplished real soon! Mostly our goals consisted of working on our blogs!! We will continue to work on our blogs, and other goals set!

~~Victoria continues to work toward earning money for her Thai Yoga training trip to Thailand in February 2011.

~~Olivia has been working on her wall-paper and painting projects, and will continue to do so!

~~Erin hopes to get her topics for tele/web-seminars lined out, and to sign up on to get started! She's also set a goal to meet her Magazine (Panache) release deadline! And lastly, Erin is working on some fund-raising ideas for her charitable organization, Ouachita River Valley Animal League (ORVAL).

~~And, Amanda (me!) has been working very hard on keeping up her blog!! (check out my previous 3 weeks of blog posting!) She also wanted to work on a bridal jewelry portfolio and though not completed, she's gotten her pictures printed and is ready to make a folder!

Our "new" ladies have set some goals of their own and will be working on them over the next month. We can't wait to see how they go at the next meeting (TBA)!

~~Cindy is working on enlarging her network group and creating more leaders to move up in the company...Pink Caddy is in sight! She also wants to incorporate listing to her affirmations for her career, her spirituality and personal goals daily. She's been getting in shape and wants to continue her gym-routine!

~~Elisabeth wants to shed a few more pounds, and wants to bring more people into the program to help them! She also wants to get better organized...and clean off her desk!!

~~Patty wants to get better organized with the constant incoming phone calls and also her open-projects. She gets so many phone calls coming in while working on projects that she tends to have a lot of half-completed projects! She also wants to lose 5 pounds by the next meeting!

~~Terri also wants to get organized at the Studio with the phone calls and open-projects!

Stay tuned to our next Meeting Minutes!
Are you a Woman Entrepreneur? Are you in the Monroe area? If you answered "YES" to both of these questions, you should join our little group! Find out more information by contacting Erin:



panachebyerin said...

Yay!! I'm about to share this on our NEW Facebook page! Thanks!!

Elisabeth Grant-Gibson said...

Actually, Elisabeth is already a National Executive Director with Take Shape For Life. Next step: Global!

Amanda, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I had a great time and looking forward to the next.


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