Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Etsy Angels & ORVAL

January 2011- Ouachita River Valley Animal League

Melana of Ozarknana on Etsy creates specific "Mascots" for each charity we help. This month, we continue to help raise much needed funds for ORVAL...a non-profit organization with the purpose of helping to provide assistance to new "Furbaby parents" for medical expenses.

Melana's mascots include "Starbarks" doggie toy (with squeaker!) and Cat-nip Goldfish for kitties! She is graciously donating 50% of EACH toy sold to ORVAL! Click on the pictures to be taken to her listings on Etsy!

I believe Burnie is enjoying his Goldfish :) What do you think? For those of you who are familiar with Burnie's story, you appreciate this picture and seeing how healthy he is!

Animals deserve every chance at a happy and healthy life!



myminimocs said...

that one cute kitty...he looks very happy! Malena rocks the mascot world!!!

Leslie R. said...

Love the Starbarks toy! Too bad Tyler is anti-toy :(

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Melana, is a wonderful angel that always helps us out. Her mascots are just wonderful and the ones for ORVAL are no exception.

Ashley Nichole Designs said...

I got one of those for my kitty. She loves it, I couldnt open the package fast enough!

Anonymous said...

Burnie and all of the other kitties at Sharpco LOVE the goldfish!! And, of course, my Prada and my Mom's dogs love the Starbarks toy!


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