Friday, August 27, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds and Favorites!!!

Time to show off my Fabulous Friday Finds...and personal favorites!

I purchased this North Face over-body sling bag while on vacation in Colorado!
It has a lot of pockets and compartments...perfect for hikes to carry your camera, snacks and a bottle of water. Also perfect as an every day purse!

I found this lip balm while looking for a special favor for a Bridal Luncheon I helped host for my cousin who just recently got married in Colorado (reason for my vacation in Colorado!) I wanted to find a yummy lip balm with an SPF for the intense Colorado sun (though lower temperatures and humidity, the higher altitude makes the sun more intense and we tend to ignore that fact!) I actually purchased the Sangria SPF lip balm...but for my Fabulous Friday Finds, I am showcasing another type found in her shop...
I am totally in love with this Pomegranate Lip Glacé.From Petite Threla's listing on Etsy: "Our Lip Glacés combine the emollient, protective properties of our lip balms with a tad more color and a softer texture. Their raison d'être is to add a pretty glaze (hence "Lip Glacé") while protecting and conditioning your lips.
The flavor is a sweet pomegranate. The color is a berry red."
See Petite Threla's Etsy shop for other lip balms and body products!And last but CERTAINLY not least I want to show off my Hubby and I's favorite coffee of all time; also with a Colorado story! A few years ago, we finished up our Colorado vacation (see the trend here? This is a frequent family vacation spot every couple of years) with a visit to the Grand Lake Lodge (for more information on the Lodge, see this Blog Post: ) We found this coffee on clearance and figured we'd try it! We got back home, brewed some fresh coffee and decided it was our favorite coffee, ever. Our parents were still up in Grand Lake and we called them, asking them if they could pick up more. To our dismay, it had sold out. Because the Lodge had closed (see previously mentioned blog post) we were not able to get this coffee for about 4 years!! This is why this coffee is a Fabulous Friday Find and Favorite!



Erin Love said...

oooh! I'll have to try that coffee! I love the fact that it is "kind"

Amanda said...

We love it!!!

thanks for being my only commenter!! LOL!!

Elisabeth Grant-Gibson said...

Is that the lip balm you were showing Erin at the MasterMind meeting? The one they have at Little Green Boutique now?


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